Who is Binod?

Who is Binod– Everywhere on every social media handle, “Binod” is trending, thousands of memes are circulating like the wind on this weird trend? People are spamming Binod in comments in every comment section whether its Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. The major question in the mind of some people is that who is this Binod and why this word is trending so much.

How did it start?

This all started with a YouTube video from the channel Slayy Point where the creators decided to make a video on the cringe comments on YouTube videos by Indian users. The title of the video is “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)” they have highlighted this Binod in their title because a person named Binod Tharu just commented his name Binod as a comment. They presented this Binod in such a funny way by answering all the questions asked with a single reply as Binod.

Who is Binod?

We Indians have earlier done this as well by making weird things as internet sensation like Priya Prakash Varrier as celebrity overnight when her video went viral on all social media platforms. She literally gained 7 Million users in just 7 days. This time also we did the same as after the release of the video from Slayy Point some people started spamming this Binod on every YouTube comment section and other people start following them. Later this trend took a rise on every social media platform and now it is trending on Twitter, in the comments of Facebook posts, Comments of Instagram, Comments on Youtube videos, and almost everywhere even on WhatsApp as well.

This video has 5.2 million views now, which is highest on their channel in any of their recent videos. Their channel is also gaining huge popularity as everybody wants to see the video that has created this hype. Some people are just randomly commenting Binod-Binod everywhere without even knowing about the truth the trend. This is how the trend works when people follow each-other without even knowing the route cause, well it is about next to impossible about predicting the next trend, it can be anything your name, my name, your video, my video or anything.

Who is Binod?

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