Fans are persuaded Harry Styles spat on 'Don't Worry Darling' co-star Chris Pine

A brief, yet unquestionably confusing, collaboration between Harry Styles and Chris Pine at the debut of

Don't Worry Darling has turned into a web sensation via virtual entertainment.

Styles and Pine were at the Venice Film Festival screening of Don't Worry Darling on Monday (5 September) - with co-stars 

Including lead entertainer Florence Pugh and chief Olivia Wilde - when the second was caught on record.

In the clasp, posted by Twitter client JZMaclin, Styles as far as anyone knows

The subtitle peruses: "#HarryStyles seems to spit on Chris Pine I won't rest until I know reality".

Different watchers have excused the "spitting" guarantee and said almost certainly, the pair were messed around.