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In the last decade, YouTube has become a separate carrier path all over the world. In India itself, a large number of people of all age groups are using YouTube for earning a handsome amount. The pattern of YouTube has completely changed after the introduction of Jio in India. Among these large number of YouTubers, there are few names who are already ruling in the Indian YouTube industries. These top YouTubers in India have gained worldwide popularity and have become brands in the YouTube field.

There are several reasons behind their success the 2 main reasons are Content and Patience. These are the two most important factors in the field of YouTube. One must have quality content and have patience as no one starts earning from the first day. Let’s have a look at the list-

Top YouTubers in India 2020

1. CarryMinati (21.9M Subscribers)

The first and the most popular roast channel in India of Ajay Nagar. He started his channel in 2014 and introduced the roast culture in India. There is a substantial increase in the number of subscribers on his channel after one of his YouTube vs TikTok video gained an extraordinary response from the audience. Unfortunately, that video got deleted because of some violation issues but still, he gained immense support from his audience. CarryMinati was at no 5-6 till the last year but this year can be considered as the best year for him. Currently, his YouTube channel is the most subscribed individual YouTube channel India. He has one other YouTube channel also named Carryislive in which he regularly does live streams for his audience.

2. Amit Bhadana (20.5M Subscribers)

At number 2 we have Amit Bhadana, he is also a very popular creator and one of those creators who gained success in very less time. In 2019, his channel was the most subscribed YouTube channel in India. He makes funny videos/vines to entertain his audience. He described his life story through a music video known as “Parichay” which has 66 Million views on YouTube and also the most-watched video of his channel.

3. Ashish Chanchlani (18.7M Subscribers)

Ashish Chanchlani is another very popular name of YouTube India. He is famous for his unique content and his amazing comic timings and dialogue delivery. He started his channel in 2009 and has a total of 2 Billion views on his youtube videos. In 2018, he interviewed Robert Downy Junior during the promotions of Avengers Infinity War and represented the love of the Indian public towards Iron Man.

4. BB Ki Vines ( 18M Subscribers)

BB aka Bhuvan Bam is the most loveable and respectable YouTuber of India. He is famous for his unique content as he plays all the characters himself in his videos. He has won a Filmfare award for his short movie PlusMinus in 2019. In 2019 he was the number 1 YouTuber in India with the highest number of subscribers on his YouTube Channel. He was the first YouTuber from India who crossed the milestone of 10 Million subscribers and also the first individual YouTube channel to cross 1 Billion views in 2018.

5. Technical Guruji (17.2M Subscribers)

Technical Guruji is currently the world’s most subscribed YouTube Tech channel. Recently it surpasses the Inbox Therapy which was the most subscribed YouTube tech channel from the past 10 Years. Gaurav Chaudhary is the host and the owner of this channel also known as Technical Guruji. The channel has the record of posting 2 videos daily from the past 3 years. He is also famous for his pet dialogue “Chalie Shuru Karte h”.

This was the list of Top YouTubers in India based on the number of subscribers. Some other Youtubers like Sandeep Maheshwari, Harsh Beniwal, Dr. Vivek Bindra are ruling in their own fields.

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