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Multinational Companies in India

Every individual professional whether a student or a corporate wants to work for big reputed companies having big brand names. What we mean by big companies here are multinational companies that are operating in more than one country. There are several multinational companies in India (MNC India) that are very good as employers and you can boost your corporate carrier by adding their names in your resume.

People have very high expectations from MNCs in India as they can introduce foreign culture in our country. Their work culture, environment, training, etc are quite different from all other local companies. They work on their employees and take out the best version of them with their advanced training and learning schedules. Besides that, they help in boosting up the economy and generate employment opportunities within the country. Every country wants that more and more multinational companies invest in their economy because it not only boosts up the economy and employment but also becomes a source of revenue for the Government in the form of taxes.

Indian Market (MNCs in India)

Indian market attracts lots of foreign MNCs due to many factors, the labor is cheap here, the market is still growing so they are not going to get top-level competition from local companies and most importantly its size. They can grab a large number of customers by establishing their brand in the Indian market. From the past decade, many top MNCs from the world have invested in the India Market and boosted our economy and corporate culture.
Now, we hope you are clear with what are MNC’s, MNC India and their role in boosting up the economy. We have prepared a list of Top MNCs in India considering various aspects like popularity, work culture, and revenue generation. Please have a look at it-

List of Top MNCs in India (MNC India)

1. Microsoft

MNC India
efes / CC0

Microsoft is the top MNC in India in this list, this company came to India in 1990 and has its headquarters in Hyderabad. Currently, it is operating in 9 Indian cities Ahmedabad, Banglore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, and Pune. It has a total workforce of around 6500 people in India and is rapidly expanding its business in India. This top-level MNC India has closely worked with the Indian Government and has become the IT partner for Government and Industry.

2. Google

Multinational companies in India
Grendelkhan / CC BY-SA

Google a name that doesn’t need any introduction is the second most popular multinational company in India. In India, Google has its 4 offices in Banglore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Every year Google India creates a large number of job opportunities in India in the IT sector like software engineers, developers, technical support teams, etc. Also, the Indian market is one of the main markets for Google for its various products like Adwords, etc.

3. IBM (International Business Machines)

MNCs India
Mark Ahsmann / CC BY-SA

IBM is also one of the biggest names among the list of MNC India. This IT MNC came to India in 1992 and currently has its 13 offices in top metropolitan cities in India. IBM has the largest number of workforce as an MNC in India with over 1,30,000 employees. Currently, Sandip Patel is the country manager of IBM India and also this IT giant is rapidly expanding its roots in the Indian market.

4. Nestle

Nestle MNC
Junkyardsparkle / CC0

Nestle is one of the biggest MNC in the food and beverage segments of India. It came to the Indian Market in the year 1961 and the headquarters of the company is located in Switzer Land but their business is expanded over the world in different countries like Europe, United States, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. In 2017 it was ranked as number 64 in the list of Fortune Global 500 list. The company is leading the Indian food industries and some of its products like Maggie is extremely popular in India.

5. Samsung

Multinational companies of India
Oskar Alexanderson / CC BY-SA

At number 5 we have Samsung which is one of the extremely popular MNCs in India. It is a South Korean multinational company having its headquarters in the Samsung Town of South Korea. Samsung acquires a very huge market share in India in the electronics segment, especially in mobiles and LEDs. Also, it is ranked among the Top 20 active MNCs working worldwide and is the largest company in South Korea. Samsung deals in a wide range of electronics products and currently competing with Chinese brands in the Indian market.

6. Proctor & Gamble (P&G)

Top companies of india
Jamez42 / CC BY-SA

Proctor & Gamble is an American multinational company that was founded by William Proctor and James Gamble in the year 1837. The Company has its headquarters in Ohio and is currently operating in more than 80 countries. This giant MNC came to India in the year 1964 and currently operates under 3 entities in India- P&G Hygiene and Health Care Limited, Gillette India Limited, and P&G Home Products. Currently, 2500+ people work under the 6 manufacturing sites of P&G in India and this MNC is expanding its offices in different metropolitan cities as well.

7. Amazon

Amazon MNC in India
Joe Mabel / CC BY-SA

Amazon is a multinational technology company that offers its services in various fields like e-commerce, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in Washington. Although Amazon came to India in the year 2012 and in 2017 it was among the biggest e-commerce companies. It became the largest e-commerce company in 2018 beating Flipkart in terms of revenue generated. Their e-commerce application is widely popular in India and this MNC has a very big hand in the employment generation in India. Currently, more than 50,000 people work with amazon in different roles and the biggest competitor of this MNC in India is Flipkart which is an Indian based e-commerce site.

8. Coca-Cola

MNCs in India
Kakidai / CC BY-SA

Coca-Cola is yet another well established MNC in India having its original headquarters in Atlanta, United States. The company starts operating in India in 1950 but withdrew its operations from India in 1977 and protested against the Government of India on limiting the dilution of equity of multinational companies in India. However, they decided to come back in 1993 and from then they are consistently growing and maintaining their presence in the Indian market. The company deals in non-alcoholic beverages and acquires more than 50% of Indian customers in this non-alcoholic industry.

9. Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation

Sony corporation is a Japanese Multinational company that came to India in the year 1946, the company has its origin headquarters in Tokyo and operates from New Delhi for its subsidiary in India. It deals in a wide range of Softwares and electronic products such as  Televisions, Video and Digital Still Cameras,  Game Consoles, Mobile Phones, Recording Media and Energy Devices, Broadcast and Professional products, etc. The company has more than 20,000 dealers and distributors over India and hence has its route in almost every Indian city.

10. Apple Inc.

Apple building
Ed Uthman, MD / CC BY-SA

Apple is yet another American Multinational company based in California, the company came to India in 2007 and is currently selling smartphones, laptops, and other IT software services in India. Its iPhones, i-Pads, and Mac are popular all over the world including India. The company was founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 and this MNC giant is now leading the global markets with its high brand name across the world.

These are the list of some Top Multinational Companies in India (MNC India) that are currently leading in the Indian markets. There are thousands of MNCs in India that are boosting our corporate and world and generating thousands of jobs annually.

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Multinational Companies in India

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