alibaba founder
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Life is not the same every time, the most important thing you should have is patience- Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

Jack Ma the richest man of China and also one of the most powerful persons in the world as per Forbes. This man had an uncountable number of rejections and failures in his life but still, he never gave up. Jack Ma single-handedly introduced the word internet in China and completely changed their economy. He is the founder of Alibaba an E-Commerce giant whose worth is far more than those of Facebook and it produces more products that Amazon and E-Bay collectively produce. The life story of such a successful person is quite dynamic with so many ups and downs.

Early Life and Education

Jack Ma was born on 10th September 1964 in Hangzhou China. His mother and father were traditional musicians and belonged to a lower-middle-class family. From childhood, Jack Ma has an interest in learning the English language and in the early morning, he used to give English tours to foreigners in the nearby parks for free. His journey of failures and rejections started from his childhood where he failed twice in his primary school exams and thrice in his secondary school exams but it is rightly said that some are good at school while some are good at life.

alibaba founder

For higher education, he failed thrice in his entrance exam before joining Hangzhou Normal University. Even after graduating, he was not able to secure a job. Every time he came across one thing that is rejection. Once he told in an interview that “when KFC came to China 24 people applied for the job 23 got selected, I was the only guy
Similarly, he applied for police service along with 4 people all 4 were selected except him. These failures never stopped him for dreaming big in life.

Journey to the founder of Alibaba

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In Early 1995, he visited the US with his friend for a government project where he was first introduced to the internet and computers. Computers were very rare in China at that time and the thing like the internet was not even in existence. The first thing that he searched on the internet is beer so many results of different beers popped out but no one of them was from China. Then he searched China and did not saw even a single result on the browser. That was the time he decided for Chinese people to be on the internet. On May 10, 1995, he registered a domain in the US for representing China on the internet. In the 3 years, the company made 5,000,000 Chinese Yuans.

In 1999 he quit his US-based startup and left for his capital Hangzhou with his team to start Alibaba. He became the founder of Alibaba with an investment of 5,000,000 Chinese Yuans with no single outside investment initially. Without writing a single code Jack Ma made Alibaba one of the biggest e-commerce websites of the world. Alibaba started growing not only in China but in the whole world. The gay with so lengthy list of failures becomes the wealthiest man of China. He never gave up and treated his rejections and failures as opportunities for his future by learning through them. Most importantly he had a belief in himself and his capabilities that he can do something big in life.

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