Ratan Tata
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A name that does not need any introduction, a very popular and most respected industrialist of India Sir Ratan Naval Tata. He was a former chairman of Tata groups and was known for his business ethics. There is a very deep story behind this billion-dollar net worth of Ratan Tata. Sir Ratan Tata was born on 28 December 1937 in Bombay. His parents got separated when he was just 10 years old in 1948 and he was raised by his grandmother Navjbai Tata. She formally adopted him through a Parsi Orphanage. His childhood got disturbed as his parents split when he was very young and his grandmother rose him.


Mr. Ratan Tata got a very good education as he graduated from Riverdale Country School from New York. In 1959, he received a degree in architecture from Cornell University. He was very good in studies during his graduation and later he also attained a seven weeks management program at Harward Business school.

Tata Groups
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He joined the Tata group a company founded by his Grand Father Jamshedji Tata in 1962 and started his first job in the steel division of Jamshedpur. In the beginning, he worked with along with blue-collar staff where sometimes he used to work in furnaces and stone mines as well.
Promoted to the management later on in 1970, he was appointed as a director-in-charge of the National Radio and Electronics company. In 1991, when J.R.D Tata stepped down as a successor of Tata Sons, Mr. Ratan Tata was appointed as a successor.

Success Of Ratan Tata

During Ratan Tata’s tenure of chairmanship of 21 years, the revenue of Tata Groups grew over 40 times. He took some bold decisions like acquiring Tetley for Tata Tea which is earning huge amounts of profit presently. Mr. Ratan also acquired Jaguar Land Rover and Corus for Tata Steel to make his globally popular. These decisions and ideas are the reasons behind the net worth of Ratan Tata and the success of Tata Industries in India.

26/11 Attack on Taj Hotel

When the 26/11 incident took place in the Taj Hotel (Property of Tata Groups), Mr. Ratan Tata came out as an example for all the employers in the world. He personally met the families of 80 employees who got killed at that time. He took complete responsibility for all the dependent members and even asked them to suggest what else he can do for them. Ratan Tata never steps back when the country needs him, he also donates a very big proportion of his income. He is leading numerous trusts that are helping Lakhs of needy people on the daily basis.

Presently when the country is going through his worst phase of coronavirus. Tata Groups donated 1500 Crores to Prime Minister Relief fund which is the highest donation by any India. He is immensely consistently supporting the nation in this serious situation. His principles and ethics come before everything for him. The net worth of Ratan Tata is nothing in front of the respect that the people of India have for him. He is the true gem of India, we need more people like him in our country.

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