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New WhatsApp Features (Update Whatsapp New)

New WhatsApp features– WhatsApp Messenger is widely popular all over the world and as per the recent reports it has around half a billion daily active users worldwide. It is widely popular just because it was the first messenger in the market with so many new handy features. One of the top competitors of WhatsApp, Telegram that is gaining huge popularity these days, because of some of its extra features. In response to this WhatsApp, developers are also adding some new WhatsApp features which were ignored earlier. These features are quite interesting and some are already live while some are still in the development mode of the application. So everybody must try these new features and update Whatsapp new features as soon as possible.

List of new and latest WhatsApp Features

1. Animated Stickers

update whatsapp new
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WhatsApp developers have recently added the new feature of animated stickers in their latest update. This feature was already present in some other popular applications like Telegram, WeChat, and Hike. Now people can express their emotions just by tapping the relevant stickers. WhatsApp promises to add its own packs of these stickers very soon that will boost and contribute to the popularity of this feature.

2. Group Video call up to 8 participants

This new update also contains the new feature to add up to 8 participants in your group video call. Earlier only 4 people were allowed in a group video call in WhatsApp but from now after updating the application in your smartphone this new Whatsapp feature will allow you to add up to 8 people in your video call. Along with that, you can zoom up on the screen of a particular person by just tapping upon their screen area. Many people are not aware of these features as they are quite new but they are going to be very popular very soon.

3. Profile QR code

update whatsapp new

This QR code feature was much awaited by business owners because their business profiles carry much information along with phone numbers and addresses. Earlier this feature was available on Instagram but for the first developers has introduced this feature in WhatsApp application where a profile can be converted into a QR code and the potential users can decode it by scanning it in their WhatsApp application.

4. Dark mode for WhatsApp web

whatsapp new update

This feature is the last one among the list of new WhatsApp features where users now can avail the cool dark theme which was introduced by developers in the earlier update in your PC or Laptop. This cool dark mode is now not limited to your mobile phone and this function is now available on your PC as well.

Some of these functions are live and some are still in development mode, but is you are a beta tester for this application than definitely all these features will be available in your smartphone after you update the application on your phone. For normal users, these features will be live from the next week. Normal users can also opt for beta versions by applying beta testing under the app in the play store and app store.

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