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Linkedin is a very popular platform among professionals and students and is widely used in India. It’s an amazing platform for getting extensive knowledge from the top leaders of the companies and also helps people in seeking jobs. We all are aware of the scams on Facebook and Twitter where people send unwanted texts with malicious links for stealing your sensitive information or text you with fake ids and all.
Unfortunately, this practice has started on Linkedin also but in another way. Fraudsters know that the public here is educated and they need to do something different to trap these people. We are going to list down some of the popular fraud practices going on Linkedin especially in India.

Some popular scams on Linkedin in India

Fake Profiles-

scams on linkedin india
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This is the most popular practice where some people just add HR, Recruiter, Talent Team, etc before their profile and start posting jobs and internships in their feed. Persons and students who looking for these starts following these fake recruiters and start commenting on their posts. This will then increase the post reach and followers of these fraudsters and they become a popular contributor on Linkedin.

Data Stealing-

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As per the Data Trust Report 2019, Linkedin is considered to be the most trusted app where the chance of getting legit data is very high. That is the reason data stealers widely use Linkedin for stealing sensitive information of employees and their company. Sometime people become less selective while adding people in their connection list just to meet the illustrious 500+ connections mark.

Inheritance of advance fees and fake jobs-

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For posting a job officially, Linkedin charges some amount on the daily basis. So these fake companies start posting jobs in their feed, while filling the form they may ask you for a certain amount which you have to pay in advance etc. Beware a genuine company that is willing to hire people, will never gonna ask you for any advance amount in the name of security or anything. Another scam they are doing is giving you articles, projects, and fix some targets for the selection procedures. After sometime when their motive or work is complete they say your work is not as per our standards.

Network Marketing People

network marketing scam on linkedin india
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We are not saying that all the network marketing companies are fraud but yes most of them are! They are fully trained in fooling people and many of them don’t even know what they are doing they are just following their seniors and trying to recover the money they have invested by fooling others and then other people follow the same. That’s how their so-called network marketing works. Networking is a very powerful term that can be very helpful if used effectively. These scams are very popular on Linkedin especially in India, here so many groups are selling their network marketing plans. They fool people by commenting on each other’s posts and will make you believe that you will be going to be a millionaire by their plans. Please be aware of these people.

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