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We already know that we have a very low literacy rate as compared to other nations. Moreover, those who are getting an education in India, Are they getting good education?
The answer is NO because there are some critical errors in the Indian Education System that are completely devastating the quality of education in India. Yes, people are becoming literate in India but still, they are lacking in good practical and content knowledge of studies. We Indians have got the best brains in the whole world and there is no doubt in that, we have proved it so many times. Still some faults of our education system are bridging gaps between education and literacy and that’s what we need to work on.

Faults of Indian Education System

Education Budget of India

Countries like Japan and Israel are spending so much on education and hence we can see the results in the form of development. There should be more spending on the education budget in India so that more and more students can avail quality education in our country. Modern teaching techniques can be adapted to provide better education in India.

Rote Learning System

This thing should be avoided as early as possible as students are becoming habitual of it day by day. It all started from our schools where students used to just cram the topics and contents without understanding the concepts. Teachers should focus more on clearing the concepts and making students understand what they are learning.

Evaluation Criteria

As per our evaluation system, the students who are good in academics will be having a bright future. These are the thoughts that we listen during studies but this is not the truth some are good at school while some are good at life. Evaluation and judging the student on the basis of marks he scored is not a good way. Nat all are very good in academics but can have sharp and active minds. Some changes should be made and more criteria need to develop to evaluate the performances of students.

Training of teachers

In schools especially in government schools, we can see that there are no proper criteria for opting teachers. Moreover, they are also not getting proper training so that they can keep themselves updated with the current trends. Private schools are taking much care of teacher’s training and teaching skills but not all can afford private schools. The majority of our students from rural areas study in government schools.

Indian Students
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Condition of Government schools

In India, we have the right to education in all states but literacy rate is very low because the condition of our government schools is not good. Poor students cannot afford to study in private schools so they opt for cheap government schools. Like we mentioned earlier government schools have a problem with teachers, teachers are not well trained and interested in teaching students. Infrastructure is also very poor in most government schools, especially in rural areas. Schools are not properly maintained, there is no proper cleanliness facility, etc.

Overall it can be concluded that currently, the Indian Education System is not in a good shape. Things need to fix as early as possible as students are the future of tomorrow.

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