india china war
Image by Defence-Imagery from Pixabay

After this coronavirus issue, most of the countries are consistently blaming China for this global trouble, and India is one of them. We all know that the Chinese economy is also affected by this global pandemic beside they are hiding the exact figures from the first day. The Chinese economy is going through its worst phase and 140 Crore people of China are fighting for their survival. This is the worst time for the Chinese Government as people can start revolting against the government in this hard time. That is the only reason why the Chinese Government wants an India China war to regain the support of its people in terms of security threat.

This is not the first time when China is doing so, earlier also in 1962 China tried this tactic. This time the conditions can be worse for India as Pakistan and Nepal are in support of China. China has built its trade bases in these countries – Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. These bases can also be used as military bases at any time during the war. Moreover, China is not happy with the relations between India and the US. China and the US have been the greatest enemy for each other from the early ’90s.

If in future China starts the India China war than it will be the worst condition for India as we cannot afford to have war in these hard times. The coronavirus cases in India are constantly increasing and the unemployment is at its peak. Indian economy will demolish if there is an India China war. The same will be the effect on China as the Chinese economy is also trying to recover the COVID-19 and the condition of people and the economy is also very low at this time in China.


Now, what can be the solution to this? We Indians can easily hard the Chinese economy if we start boycotting China from Indian markets. This may be the right time to use our population as our strength against other countries. Our honorable Prime Minister also said this just because he cannot openly say to boycott Chinese products in India. We can take this epidemic as an opportunity to become a self-dependent nation. India has the power of population which can be utilized in a very positive way. We are one of the largest markets in the world what if we reduce the imports and start believing in our local brands. By doing this we can easily affect the top markets that are generating millions of dollars revenues from the Indian markets.

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