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In view of India China border tensions, the Chinese Government has blocked the accessibility of Indian news websites in China. Though Chinese websites and newspapers are accessible by the people of India. Chinese people can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server to access Indian sites and Indian TV channels. Although VPN is also not working in Chinese communist states from the past 2 days.

india China
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The Chinese Government is very popular for controlling the media of their country through IP addresses, DNS attacks, specific URLs. They have a very strong and powerful censorship system known as the “Great Firewall”. They are so efficient in all these practices that they can even block the VPNs which is considered as very powerful for creating privacy and anonymity by establishing a private network for the user.

All these blockages of Indian websites and Indian TV channels began on 16th June. Recently India has also done a digital strike on the Chinese economy by blocking its 59 prominent apps in India. It has been said that these apps are threatening the security and privacy policies of the country.

Popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are already blocked in China. They have their own search engine Baidu which runs as per the policies of the Chinese Government. The Media agencies of China work completely under the policies of the Chinese Government and its indirect meaning is that the press is not free in China to work as its own. Than why China is so concerned about their apps banned in other countries?

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