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What is Piracy?


Unauthorized use of someone’s property without seeking permission is known as Piracy. So many people are unaware of the fact there are severe and strict laws to protect the piracy issue in our country. Illegal sharing of movies and illegal movie downloads is also a crime. There are many platforms like Filmy4wap website etc that offers you to download free movies from their websites.

Creators invest so many efforts, time, money, and hard work to give us good movies and platforms like filmy4wap creates the pirated version of their movies and upload that on their websites. Filmy4wap is a very big platform that offers thousands of latest movies downloads like the latest Bollywood movie download, latest Hollywood movie download, latest web series download for free. Filmy4wap is extremely popular in India as it offers free movie download after some days of its release. This Filmy4wap website not only offers the latest Bollywood movies downloads and Hollywood movies downloads but it also offers movies in other regional languages like Tollywood Movies downloads, Kollywood movies downloads, and other languages as well. Along with that also offers the latest web series downloads and latest TV show downloads. It is currently the biggest pirated website used in India for illegally downloading movies.

Why there is so much trend for filmy4wap website in India

The easy and handy features of make it the most trending pirated website in India. It is very handy and easy to use with some extra features like different versions or different prints of a single movie, demos of latest movies so that you can guess whether it is worth downloading or not. Filmy4wap is easily accessible in both smartphone and PC, the interface is very easy to use for its audience. The Filmy4wap website is completely optimized for mobile phones as about 87% of the people browse on the internet using their smartphones. They not only offer free movie downloads in Hindi and English but they also have dubbed versions of many movies like Punjabi, Kannad, and Tamil. The Primarily specialty of is free Bollywood movies downloads in HD.

The other main specialty of the Filmy4wap website is they have a search section on their website where you can easily search the latest movies by their names and easily download them from their website. They also have a user guide for new users on how to download movies, how to download movies in HD etc. Filmy4wap has ranked number 1 website in India for downloading pirated movies and they offer the best quality movies on their website starting from 400 MB. Other websites also offer movie downloads even from 300 MB but they have quality and server issues while downloading movies.

Why this Filmy4wap website is offering us free movie download?

Everybody wants to earn money and there is a reason why there are so many pirated movie sites that offers us free latest movie downloads. These types of websites like etc usually get lots of traffic from google as a large amount people in India search daily either for Free movie downloads, latest movie downloads, Hd movie downloads, Bollywood latest movies, Hollywood latest movies on their web browsers and lands on their websites. Websites like Filmy4wap, Bollyshare, etc used to run ads on their website from which they generate lots of traffic from these ads. That is the main reason why there are so many movies downloading websites in India. A simple keyword “Movie download” has 4,50,000 search volume in a month now we can imagine why there are so many pirated websites like Filmy4wap in the world. But they are taking a very big risk as there are serious laws on pirating the original content these are-

Laws made for piracy of the films

The Government has made severe and strict laws for the piracy of the movies and illegal uploads and downloads of movies. As per the Cinematography Act which was approved passed in 2019 any person pirating the movie without the permission of the original owner is can be punished either for 3 years of Jail or 10 Lakh Rupees or both. People creating these websites for movie downloads are equally liable for all the punishments under the law.

Is it safe for you to download movie from banned and pirated websites like filmy4wap

It is illegal if you yourself or help someone in downloading the movies from these websites. It depends upon the situation if the case goes up in the eyes of court than you can be fined or even go to jail in a very worst situation. The cyber cell of Government and movie agencies works day and night to catch the creators of these pirated sites and the last 3 admins from Chennai of a very popular movie downloading website were caught by the Police. So it is not safe to use these banned sites to download pirated movies, you might face consequences of all these.

Top Bollywood and Hollywood movies leaked by Filmy4wap

It is the fastest website in terms of the latest movies, it has already leaked almost all the blockbusters of Bollywood and Hollywood. This website just takes 1-2 days after the release and after that, you can find the link of the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies on their website. They have leaked top Blockbusters of Bollywood like Dabang 3, Lave Ajkal 2, Dream Girl, etc on their website in just 1-2 days. Also some top Hollywood movies like Avengers: End Game, Spiderman Far from Home, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood is also available on their platform. Their content is not just limited to movies they also provide pirated versions of the latest web series from India and other countries from paid platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu app, Alt Balaji, etc. Top web series like Sacred Games 2, Mirzapur, The Family Man are also available on their website.

How can people access Filmy4wap websites

Filmy4wap is an illegal website in India and visiting this site is a crime in India but still, if you want to access this Filmy4wap with the use of VPN. A VPN is a strong virtual private network that helps you to do private browsing without disclosing your IP address. A Filmy4wap VPN will allow you to access this website without any disclosure of your location or privacy. Follow these steps to use a VPN for filmy4wap website

  • Step 1- If you want to download a movie from the filmy4wap website than you must have a VPN in your device which you can download from play store or app store on smartphone and you can simply download a secure VPN from google for your PC.
  • Step 2- Open the VPN and select the country where this Filmy4wap website is not banned and where there are no legal charges on using this website.
  • Step 3- Once the VPN is enabled, now you can open any browser and type and can start downloading the latest movies in HD.

However, the government and the movie agencies are constantly keeping their eyes on these websites like Filmy4wap and those developers who are thinking to create movie downloading website like Filmy4wap should immediately quit their plan as the legal charges can ruin your whole carrier and this is a very serious crime in India also.

Is there any other app/website that offers services like filmy4wap

Yes, there is an application that offers better services than filmy4wap, you heard it right there is an application where you can watch online movies, download HD movies, Watch latest web series online like Pataal Lok, Mirzapur 2 and all. The name of the app is Mega Shows but that app is not available on play store and it is obvious due to piracy issues. You can access that from the official site they have created. But the serious crime they are doing is very dangerous for their future as copying a hundred crores movies is a very big legal crime and Filmy4wap and Mega shows are number one in these crimes. Let’s see how long they can from the cyber securities of Indis. Nowadays Government of India is investing so much on cybersecurity so the time is near for filmy4wap and mega shows like websites to operate further.

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