Jin of BTS at Last Drops His Most Memorable Authority Single the Astronaut. Army is Mesmerised


In Short

  • Jin will deliver his single The Space Traveler on October 28.
  • He would perform on Melody with Coldplay at his Argentine show.
  • Astronaut is co-composed by Jin and Coldplay

By Bhavna Aggarwal: Jin of BTS has finally dropped his most memorable rights single, titled The Space Traveller. Artists and performers are known for their low voice, and they deliver the message once again with The Space Explorer. The melody is composed by Coldplay and Jin himself and is dedicated to the ARMYs. The music video of the melody has also been shared by BIGHIT MUSIC and the armed force is mesmerized with the use of musical instruments in the scenes and the tune.

About Jin

Jin posted on Wavers long ago that he was extraordinarily excited for it. The most established person from BTS will begin its strategic enrollment method long after the astronaut progresses.

He has to leave for his strategic nomination before December. BTS made their debut in 2013 and are currently in their tenth year together. Others in the group included RM, Jimin, Jhop, Suga, Jungkook and V.

Jin Sparkles in Astronaut

The music video stars an astronaut who is freaked out about his arrival on the planet. As the astronaut tracks down the motivation to stay back on the planet, he finds the friendship, connectedness and genuine warmth on Earth that makes him leave the UFOs and have a fuller existence on the planet. 

The verses pass to Jin’s startling admiration for fans and the armed force, which would have come natural to him, helped him realize his fantasies and inspired him to legitimize it. The Astronaut is an adoration, a genuine admiration among fans and Jin. Watch the video.

Melody is a pop stone tune that uses quiet acoustic guitar and synth sound. Jin will play an interesting tune with Coldplay in Argentina on October 28, 2022. He is rehearsing with an English band. The tune is supposed to be a gift from Coldplay to Jin after having previously collaborated on ‘My Universe’.

About the Astronaut

Talking about the melody, Jin said in a recorded video, “Recently, there were tunes made by me to celebrate my birthday, or open/free open tunes for fans, or solo tunes. Who was remembered for the collection of BTS, but the first in my collection since a collection like this, while I am extraordinarily apprehensive, my heart is trembling and on the one hand, I look forward to seeing I know how many people pay attention to the tune. Yet when setting my performance solo, I did choose to feel, the value/importance of the part.”

He continued, “I have consistently arranged [the song] keeping in mind all of you, the fans, I trust so many individuals, and I hoped and encouraged you all to take note of this. necessarily.”

Melody was shot in America. J-Trust shared a small screen capture of it, when they partied in the melody during the beginning of the musical. Various BTS personalities including leading RM, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook and Wei have also given their best performances for Jin during the Busan Show.

After this, Jin will soon enroll for compulsory military aid, as the name suggests. Jin is the most experienced person from BTS and will be 30 before long.

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