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With the increasing number of confirmed cases in Delhi, the decision is taken to convert some of Delhi University colleges into quarantine center. The first college that has already been converted into quarantine center is Maharaja Agarsen College of east Delhi, Vasundhra Enclave. The college has been turned into the quarantine center for coronavirus patients with a capacity of 182 beds.

The SDM of Vasundhra Enclave Amod Bharhwal said that the college officials will be deployed to maintain the facility. The principal confirmed and give assurance that a sufficient number of officials will be deployed to maintain all types of facility 24 into7. He added that he and his college team will give full support and cooperation to the Delhi Government to fight with this pandemic.

Reports show that there are high chances of converting other Delhi University colleges as well with the increasing number of cases in the city. Delhi is currently the second most prone city in terms of the number of cases in India. Right now there are around 41000 active cases of coronavirus and numbers are constantly increasing. All the educational facilities in Delhi are completely shut and in this case its a very good decision to use the empty buildings of Delhi University to use as a quarantine center. Let’s see how many other colleges would come under this.

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