Bollywood Latest News– Whole country is in shock after the sudden suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. A person with full of talent and capabilities has left us so early he can be the next coming top superstars of our country. After his death, there is rage in public against Bollywood nepotism and it is expected the reason for his death is extreme mental pressure and unhealthy tactics from the Bollywood industry.

The conditions became worse when Kangna Ranaut comes up with an IGTV video in which she explained how the industry pressurizes and knocks down the real talents. She depicted her story that in the initial stages of his carrier she also faced these problems because she was not from a Bollywood background.

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Currently full trolling is going on every social media platform against the nepotism products of Bollywood. Alia Bhatt is losing her Instagram followers, she also limits her comment section. As per the latest Bollywood news trend of boycotting star kids movies are also going on and people are trying to support the self-made actors of Bollywood. Some trolls are just beyond the limits like one we are showing you, these trolls are generally from fake profiles. Doing these kinds of practice is completely wrong, everything needs to be done in a controlled way.

But it is true that it is very difficult for newcomers to survive in Bollywood as this industry and some of its famous personalities openly support nepotism. There are thousands of more talented people in India who do not even get a chance to be a part of this Bollywood.

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