Top 10 job websites in India

Job Websites in India- In a country like India, where the population is so high it is very difficult to find the right and relevant job because of so much competition and lack of a sufficient amount of jobs. Every professional wants to work for big reputed firms with high brand values, that pay a healthy amount of salary and also boost carrier growth. But not everyone gets his dream job in India as sometimes people get rejected due to lack of required education, sometimes due to lack of proper confidence and even sometimes due to lack of proper availability and knowledge about the jobs.

From the past few years as India is heading towards digitalization, there are many job websites providing thousands of jobs under one space. You can filter the jobs as per your preference and interests and send your resumes to the company in just a single click. We have listed down the Top 10 job websites in India that are completely relevant and genuine for getting the job you want in this competitive 2020. All these Indian Job websites collectively include more than 80% of jobs that are vacant in India and they get millions of users each day coming to their websites in search of jobs. This ranking of “Top 10 job websites in India” is just on the basis of the number of active users and reviews otherwise all the websites are equally relevant in and no-one can predict where he/she will find the most relevant job as per your preferences.

Top 10 job websites in India 2020

job websites in India

Naukri is an Indian online job searching website that works as a platform where job-seekers and recruiters meet. It is the biggest job searching portal in India covering almost 60% of the stake of the Indian job hunt market. This website was founded by Sanjeev Bikhchandani who is also the founder of Info Edge (India) Ltd. Naukri seems to be on rapid growth from its very beginning as it was one of the first few online job portals that are providing such a large number of jobs at just one space.
Currently, Naukri has a database of more than 60 Million users and an average of 20,000 users upload their resume on this portal daily. This portal is completely free for job search but recently they have added their premium option where you can avail some extra benefits but besides that, the portal is completely free.

Monster India

Top 10 job sites in india

Monster is one of the world’s largest and most popular online job searching websites. It is owned and operated by Monster Worldwide Inc. that has its headquarters in the United States. Monster India is a part or can say a subsidiary of Moster Worldwide that is operating in India. The company has gained huge popularity among the professionals and recruiters in India and is giving tough competition to The best part of Monster India is that its website is loaded with thousands of international jobs as well so if you are looking for a career outside the boundaries than the monster can be the best place for you.


Linkedin jobs in India

If you are professional and if your profile is not on LinkedIn then you are missing some major growth opportunities that can boost up your carrier. Linked is far more than just a job search engine but it serves as one of the best jobs searching portals as well. Almost 99% of the top companies and their recruiters have their profile on LinkedIn so this platform can be the best place to get noticed by the recruiters of your dream companies. Linked has a separate jobs web page where companies post about the vacant positions you can simply apply to these in just 2-3 clicks and your resume will be shared. Moreover, recruiters generally post about job openings in their companies and provide their emails to where you can share your resume with the company. LinkedIn is also completely free and charges no money for building your profile and applying for jobs but it also has its premium paid features where you can get some extra advantages like direct contacts with recruiters, LinkedIn learnings, etc.


Shine Job Portal of India has been one of the top emerging job portals from the past 1 decade, it is owned by popular newspaper Hindustan Times Group and currently competing with top multinational job portals of the world. The key feature of their service is that they not only focus on providing jobs but also help you to build your carrier by providing suggestions from the industry experts that will help you build your resume and will further help you in interview preparation as well. Some of these services are paid while other services are completely free on their website. Recently they have crossed the landmark of 3.4 crore users and more than 3 lakh latest vacancies posted on their site.
They have introduced shine learnings through which they help the candidates in enhancing their skills and knowledge.


Best Job website in India

Indeed in an American job searching website that has currently expanded its operation in more than 60 countries and in more than 28 languages. In India the website is pretty much in use by almost every job seeker, the website interface is very simple and user friendly. Making it most suitable for the freshers who don’t have the previous knowledge of searching jobs online. They have advanced filters from which you can search the most suitable jobs as per your preferences. The website surpasses and become the highest-traffic job website in the US and in India also it is expanding its business and facilities at a very high speed.
They generate their revenue from premium services they offer on their portal like first preference to your resume, resume building, learnings, etc.


Best Job portal of India

TimesJobs is another fastest-growing job search website in India owned and managed by Times Group. Their registration process is quite simple and finding relevant and quality jobs on their website are quite easy. They manually monitor each and every job before posting them on their website. They are one of the top emerging competitors for brands like Naukri and Monster. Their support service is one of the best among all the portals we have listed, they further provide assistance in choosing the best job that can boost your carrier.


Top 10 job websites in India

This portal is specially designed for those who are currently studying and want to earn something extra along with their studies. Internships are becoming quite popular from the past 4-5 years as every company is hiring interns and students love to gain professional experience along with their studies. Internshala is the biggest internship platform in India where they post thousands of internships from the top companies around. Students visit Internshala to find the best suitable internships and the best thing about Internshala is that majority of the internships are paid. Their portal is completely free to use, they charge not even a single penny for sending your resume to any recruiter.
They have their own resume builder on their website, students just need to answer 2-3 questions while submitting the application.


Glassdoor website

Glassdoor portal is majorly designed for the companies review in which the ex/current employees can rate their experience with the company without any fear. It has become widely popular in India as in general people are very afraid of talking about big multinational companies. In Glassdoor, you can easily rate and review the company by registering with your official email id. They also provide a job-seeking facility by connecting you with the most relevant recruiter after analyzing your CV and the skills you have written down.


Upwork freelancing website

Free Lancing community is increasing in India as long as the people are acquiring extra skills and talents. Upwork is the best place for freelancers, it is one of the most trusted freelancing job websites in India where you can earn hundreds of dollars in a single day. It is an international website where people outsource their non-core activities, there is no limit for the income you can earn, it completely depends upon your work. You can even earn 500$ in a day which is generally not possible in a 9-5 job. Upwork does not charge anything as you as you get any projects and successfully completes it. While transferring your earnings to your bank account they charge a small amount of commission from your earnings and everything there is completely transparent so there is no scope of any fraud or anything like that. They took an advance from the people who are sending you the work so that you will definitely get paid if you have started the work.

Every Indian is aware of the value of Government jobs (Sarkari Naukri). Government job itself comes with a package of side benefits along with it and till now government jobs are considered as the most stable jobs in India. So many students work really hard to prepare for government job exams to secure their carrier, this website is the best website for finding government jobs in India. They provide listings of all vacant government jobs of the country along with eligibility criteria. This is the fastest portal that provides immediate updates on everything related to government jobs.

Best Job Websites in India

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